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AGS won the State
Release time:2018-09-11

     In accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative measures for the determination of high-tech enterprises, our reporting, material audit process, experts critically review and reply, take several months of preparation and confirmation procedures, and finally settled in early October, and at the end of October announcement finished, won the "high-tech enterprise" honor.

       This honor is for our product innovation and research and development capacity, fully affirmed the growth levels. With this qualification, avant-garde software is further consolidated in fashion management software leader marks the important avant-garde in Apparel ERP software industry breakthroughs to improve the overall quality, cutting-edge software to expand development of new technologies, software products and services has laid a solid foundation.

       AGS management software of the long-term commitment to become the most prominent representative, AGS will use this as an opportunity to continue to deepen the research and development, strengthen the soundness of garment management software, further improving product innovation, technology, will make fine products, so specialized, better service to our customers.


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